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What does it take to start and maintain a successful personal injury and wrongful death law practice? 

Before retiring from the active practice of law, I was a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death cases.  I was also honored to be selected to be in publication: Best Lawyers in America in the Plaintiffs personal injury section and served as President of the Arizona Association for Justice, formerly known as Arizona Trial Lawyers Association.

     Basically, a good personal injury case requires a four-prong test: 

  1. Is there liability (fault) against the adverse party?   
  2. Are there legitimate damages (either injuries or death) 
  3. Is there causation between the injury (or death) and the actions of the adverse party and
  4. Is there coverage (insurance) to cover the claim.  Without these four basic elements, it will make your claim difficult to pursue. There are times where if you have a potential claim with significant damages (or death), you can pursue a claim in  hopes that when you pursue the claim, there will be a sense of sympathy for the injury victim that can provide a  settlement.  This because an insurance company in evaluating the claim will pay a settlement rather than gamble with letting a sympathetic jury award substantially more.  

     As a law coach  with more than 45 years experience, I can assist you in developing a plan to market your practice, manage the cases and a put together a roadmap to success on the cases you accept.  An experienced personal injury lawyer coach can also help you navigate through the system and deal with the insurance companies or insurance defense attorneys.  

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