Great Leaders Restore Confidence and Replace Fear with Facts During a Crisis


Check out the article below for tips on how to gain confidence instead of fear during the Coronavirus crisis.

Great Leaders Restore Confidence and Replace Fear with Facts During a Crisis

April 11

by Rod Olson

We are in unprecedented times... but we are not. This is not the first crisis we have dealt with as humans and it will not be the last. However, great leaders realize they must do two things during a crisis: One, restore the confidence and hope of their people and Two, replace the fears their people have with the facts.

"Remember, the FACTS we know are what gets us through a crisis and gives us hope."
-Rick Warren

This week I just wanted to remind you of a few 'facts of truth' to restore your confidence as you lead, and perhaps give you some tools to help replace the fears of the people you lead and take advantage of this crisis to strengthen your team. Oh, and don't worry about me... my wife got us more toilet paper!?

Great Leaders CONNECT in a crisis while poor leaders isolate.
Not everything you hear is careful who you listen to and what you read. "The gullible believe anything they're told, but the prudent sift and weigh every word."
Everyone is not going to die from this virus and the level of risk is different for everyone. "A foolish person doesn't care about the facts, they only want to yell."
This too shall pass and we will overcome this. We must be prepared for life after this crisis. "The wise person looks ahead and the foolish person attempts to fool himself and won't face the facts."

In closing remember, the greatest thing you can do for your people during a crisis is to CONNECT with them 1 on 1. I encourage you to face-time or call your direct reports or staff individually and ask them these 3 questions:

How are you doing?
How is your family doing?
How can I help you and do you have any questions for me?

CLOSING STATEMENT: "Remember, this too shall pass and we will get through this together and this is not the end. We will be stronger because of this and I can't wait to see how this makes us all better."

"Great leaders rise up in times of crisis. They make it a point to connect with their people individually. They are Hope-Producers!"

Make it a Great Week!
Rod Olson

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