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I just finished being involved in a political campaign for a woman running for county attorney in Arizona. (Many  states called this position - prosecuting attorney)

The candidate that I supported was the outsider who preached criminal reform in her campaign. My job was to both garner support for her candidacy and also coach and help guide her toward success. I wasn't the only one that was advising her. We worked as a team. 

Although she was the underdog when she started the race, she won in a landslide and will be sworn in January. 

My coaching extends beyond the basic legal field. I have done coach training for lawyers who have been practicing a short time and some who have been in practice for more than 10 years. Lawyers want training and legal direction regardless of their past experience. 

Don't think because you've been in practice for more than 10 years, you don't need any assistance because you do. Also, don't think because you're only have been in practice for a short time that it's too early for you to get legal training and direction. It's not.

People from all professions including sports, acting and others continue with coaching throughout their career. The better they get, the more coaching they seek and need

You just have to take the initiative to get involved in your own practice. 

No one knows when this COVID-19 virus will be going away. There needs to be a ongoing plan to maintain and conserve your current practice as well as gearing up when the virus is finally under control. 

Take it upon yourself to seek legal guidance from a coach like myself on how to best position your law firm. for the future.  Layman come to a lawyer for advice and assistance.  Lawyers come to legal coaches for some of the same goals of guidance and action. Don't be left in the dark

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